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Face-to-face therapies are available now at our new premises, as well as distance sessions via Skype/Facetime.

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My Approach


I discovered hypnotherapy as a way of coping when my mother died. It helped me so much that I stepped off the corporate ladder and retrained so I could help people like me.

Traditional medicine struggles to cope with the common ailments of our times - anxiety, stress and depression – offering little besides anti-depressants.

Hynotherapy, and in particular Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, is an effective, evidence based solution that doesn’t take years of sitting on sofas to bear fruit. The idea is not to keep you in therapy, but to give you the tools to cope better.


I’m a genuine, honest and no-nonsense person and my clients appreciate this. Confidentiality is a very important aspect of my work and is the basis of our alliance. If you have trouble sleeping, if negative thoughts are dragging you down, if you would like to eat healthier or kick a bad habit like smoking, then I can help.


More details about my approach can be found here.

I’m Vanessa Peardon, a fully bilingual hypnotherapist specialised in treating stress and anxiety disorders in Luxembourg.


Welcome to my website. Whether you’re here out of curiosity, or if you are actively seeking help with any of the stress related conditions listed in the treatments section, feel free to contact me with any questions. 


But first, a few basics about my work: I practise Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) which combines hypnotherapy with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I chose this approach because it is evidence-based, and an approved treatment for stress-related disorders by the British Medical Association, the American Medical Association and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council which means I abide by their code of ethics

Effective hypnotherapy is a team effort requiring your active involvement. Despite popular mythology, it won’t render you submissive, even during hypnosis. Throughout the session, you remain in control and aware of what is going on. In fact, it’s about empowering you to deal with situations in new and better ways.

Consultations take place in my office in Luxembourg. It’s a safe and calm environment where your confidentiality is ensured.

Feel free to contact me here to discuss your needs.

Stress Management


We have all suffered from stress, no matter who we are, how much money we have, what job we do, where we live, and what time period we were born in. How we cope with stress, however, varies considerably.


In today’s isolated world, modern life can feel lonely. In the era of Facebook, feeling not wonderful, not skinny, or not fully coping are parts of our lives that lurk in the shadows. When life gets tough, we don’t talk or post about it. Instead, we drink too much, we smoke, we eat unhealthily, we find it hard to sleep, we get irritable with those we love or work with, our food doesn’t digest properly, we worry about things that may never happen, or we develop irrational fears. These are all genuine responses to stress, mechanisms we’ve created to ‘cope.’ But too often, they hold us back.


I’ve done all of the above, to greater and lesser degrees, and I’ve learnt how to govern my own unhealthy behaviours through hypnotherapy. I know that it works, and I can help you unlearn the inner mantras that govern such negative responses and help you develop positive ways of coping. As well as Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, I teach mindfulness, a way of focusing on what’s really important. I also use Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), a technique for learning to monitor and control tension. 

Further information on treatments can be found here.

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