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I offer made-to-measure workshops in mindfulness and relaxation for individuals, groups and on a corporate level. In the workplace, these workshops are often offered as part of team building activities or included in corporate well-being programs.

I am specialised in stress management and resilience building and have past corporate experience, so I understand the challenges of a high paced environment. As well as the toll it takes on the individual, prolonged exposure to stress reduces efficiency, which is why these workshops are so popular: it’s a win-win for everybody.

My teaching methods are easy to follow and provide tools for self-help outside of the workshop.

I offer the following:


Relaxation workshops

  • Where I teach quick and efficient relaxation techniques that  participants can apply to their everyday lives.


Mindfulness workshops

  • This is an initiation on how to integrate mindfulness into our lives. It helps to slow down our thinking, diffuse overwhelming thoughts, and take pleasure in the simple things.


Initiation to self-hypnosis

  • This is a discovery of self-hypnosis and how it can be applied for personal development and our general well-being.


Please contact me to discuss your project!

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