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How I work


Feel free to call or email me for a no obligation discussion on whether hypnotherapy is appropriate for you. I offer sessions in both English and French. Consultations take place in my office in Luxembourg. It’s a safe and calm environment where your confidentiality is ensured.


The initial consultation is a 60 minute session where you tell me about the issue you would like to address, and together we devise a treatment plan. This consultation is a very important part of future therapy because it establishes our therapeutic alliance.


The more honest you are, the better I will be able to tailor therapy to address your problem. You don’t have to explain the whole thing – hypnotherapy is not psychology – but a frank summary of what is bothering you, how it affects your life, and what you hope to achieve is important. The idea is not to keep you in therapy, but to give you the tools to cope better.


I will ask you to complete a form to give an initial view of the feelings, thoughts and behaviours that are affecting you. We will discuss this together and agree on a way forward. I will then devise a clear treatment plan that resumes your goals and objectives.


Consultations thereafter are also 60 minutes and can be booked via doctena. Depending on your issue and your response to hypnotherapy, we might conclude the plan within 4-10 sessions – although you might like to come back every now and again for a top up!

To book an appointment click here:

Face-to-face sessions will be available on Fridays [16:00 - 20:00] and Saturdays [10:00 - 14:00].

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